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Dr. Arnab Mukherjea, Professor of Health Sciences at California State University, East Bay, is leading a study to understand the reasons why Pakistanis decide (or not) to get screening for colorectal cancer.  Rates are low among South Asians in California, but the specific experiences and perspectives of Pakistanis about screening are unknown.  Dr. Mukherjea is joined by Pakistani student researchers from his university, as well as UC Berkeley, who are committed to improving the health of the community to which they belong.
It is important that health research of South Asians include Pakistanis so that their needs and preferences are included in recommendations for improved policies and programs serving this community.  Accordingly, Dr. Mukherjea is requesting that you consider participating in a group discussion to provide information about decisions related to getting screened for colorectal cancer.  The groups will be held at a time and place convenient for participants.  Refreshments will be provided and community members will receive a $50 gift card in appreciation for their time and effort.  All information provided will be held in strict confidence and no identifying information will be shared with anyone outside the research team.  If you meet the following criteria and are willing to participate, please contact Dr. Mukherjea via email at or by phone at 510-885-4770.
Identify as Pakistani
Be between 50 - 75 years of age
Able to communicate in English (mostly verbally, but need to read/understand/sign a consent form and complete a survey)
Willing to share perspectives and experiences in a group setting, which will be audio-recorded (only for the purposes of analysis; the recording will not be shared outside the research team)
Contact Dr. Mukherjea via email at or by phone at 510-885-4770.

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