Pakistani American Community Center

We resuming one of our regular programs. Please see below the new date and venue.

Monthly Programs 

WHEN:     Saturday, February 1, 2020,  2 PM - 4 PM
WHERE:  Chandni Restaurant, Newark, CA.   
                   (Please note this is a new venue)

PROGRAM:  Open Forum
Audience members will present such items as:

1. Recitation of poems with or without Tarannum.
2. Unusual incidents in their lives.
3. A brief account of any good book they read.
4. Any famous persons they met or read about.
5. Some fond memories.
6. People who influenced their thinking.
7. Interesting places/countries they visited.
8. Stories of wit and wisdom.
9. Lessons they have learned in their lives.
10. Any short articles they wrote.
11. Their thoughts on raising children
12. Their thoughts on a successful marriage.
13. ------
14. ------
15. ------

It will be desirable if the participants limit the presentation to no more than 10 minutes.
For planning purposes, it will be helpful if you could either call Waheed (408) 732-1988 or e-mail to, in case you wish to be a presenter. However, this is not a requirement.
The program is open to all. There is no charge.
Tea and snacks will be provided by PACC.
Please come with your family and friends. Make new friends and have a very informative and enjoyable afternoon.

Social Gathering





Annual Events

Independence Day
August 14th 7pm
​​Urdu Day

 Pakistan Day