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PACC hosts a number of classes through the year.
PACC is an open platform for all those interested in hosting, presenting or participating in these or offering new classes.
Please contact us if you would like to start a new program/class.
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Classes at PACC- 1639A, S. Main St. Milpitas, CA, 95035

​​Mon 1:30 pm to 2:30pm

Tue 4pm to 5pm

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My name is Sana Imad and I have been lucky enough to call the south Bay Area home for the last 6 years. In that time I've welcomed 2 daughters into the world and needless to say becoming a parent is one of the best feelings in world. With motherhood came a deep desire and strong sense of responsibility that next to raising kind, generous, humble, standout citizens of the world, I also wanted them to be able to speak Urdu. Not Urdu in an American accent but Urdu with the correct pronunciation and desi accent. After all I grew up in Australia and have an Australian accent so I know a thing or two about how easy it is to speak “Australian Urdu”.

Needless to say it was my parents constant and persistent hard work that paid off so much so that I started my own little Urdu Playgroup in January 2015. Now don't get me wrong, unlike my dad who was constantly hosting and participating in Mushayras, ghazal and poetry nights my Urdu is more like middle school level and yes there's no shame in me admitting so. Perhaps that's also why I've been so successful in running my Playgroup with a steady and constant flow of new mums each semester. Who knows?!? What I do know, after doing this for over 18 months, is that whatever I'm doing and however I'm doing it..WORKS!!! Most of the kids after attending 3-4 classes are singing Urdu Playgroup songs, recalling their Urdu lesson in bits and pieces and visibly more comfortable in not only listening, following but speaking in Urdu. Those who've been with me for over a year, well they bring a smile to my face each time they see me and their instant reaction is to switch to Urdu, albeit a little mixed with English, but I'll take it!

My playgroup classes run for an hour, once a week and include interactive learning activities, songs, story time and a craft. I focus solely on conversational Urdu as most of the kids are 3-6 years of age. Now, I'm not a trained preschool teacher by any means but I know my Playgroup kids are happy when their mums tell me this is the class they look forward to the most and I know mums are happy with me and my class because they make the time and effort to come each week. In fact mums have been on my case to have summer classes and out of that interest was born ramzan Urdu Playgroup in 2016. I taught 2 classes/week in ramzan 2016 and
3/week in ramzan 2017 alhamdolillah. Each class has a different group of mums, only common denominator is me. My passion for my children to be able to speak their mother tongue was so strong that it pushed me to start my own playgroup as there were no age appropriate fun filled
Urdu resources. It continues to thrive, thanks to like minded parents.